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Parent Partnership 



From September 2017 we have decided to move away from a set Parent Partnership group and will instead have Parent Working Groups to support the school in various aspects of developing provision. We believe that our open door approach and the availability of staff at the start and end of the day means that any concerns can be addressed quickly and at the time rather than them being saved up for a particular meeting. Parents will be invited to be involved in the working party groups. 

This year we intend to have two working party groups:

Dyslexia - led by Ms Nelson 

Homework - led by Mr Copping 


We provide numerous opportunities for parents to help support their child's learning and discover more about our curriculum :

-Annual meet the teacher events before the start of the new school year 

-Early Years Curriculum Meeting - Autumn Term 

-Early Years Phonics Workshop - Autumn Term 

-Year 2 Assessment Meeting - Autumn Term 

-Year 6 Assessment Meeting- Autumn Term 

-Mathematical Problem Solving Meeting- Autumn Term 

-Termly SEN events 

-Termly informal Parents' Evening 

-Termly formal Parents' Evening 

-An interim school report (Spring Term) and an annual school report (Summer Term)