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Pupil Premium and Sport Premium

The Pupil Premium and Sport Premium are two additional sources of funding the school receives to further enhance provision. Detailed below are our Pupil Premium and Sport Premium Reports.


Pupil Premium  

Below is the link to our Pupil Premium Report. 

 Pupil Premium Report 2017/18 and 2018/19 Strategy

Sport Premium

Below are the links to the PE and Sport Premium Plans and evaluations. In 2016-17 we received and spent £10,875. In 2017-18 we received £21,000 and spent £18,000. In 2018-19 we anticipate receiving £21,000 plus the £3,000 carry forward from 2017-18. 

Sports Premium Plan 2016-17

Sports Premium Evaluation 2016-17 

Sports Premium Plan 2017-18 

Sports Premium Evaluation 2017-18

Sports Premium Plan 2018-19

Sports Premium Evaluation 2018-19 

Sports Premium Plan 2019-20 

Termly Sports Reports:

Sports Report- Spring 2019

Sports Report Autumn 2018

Sports Report Summer 2018

Sports Report Spring 2018

Sports Report Autumn 2017