Perseverance   Our children are confident learners with strong core skills across the curriculum and they work hard to succeed with every challenge.


Respect             Our children show respect for themselves and other people in our community, our country and our world. 


Honesty             Our children understand the importance of being honest to themselves and others about their good choices and their mistakes. 


Friendship         Our children develop strong friendships with their peers and act in a friendly manner towards others. They understand the difference between these and are open to making new friendships.  


Our School Vision: Unlocking potential, igniting curiosity, celebrating success 


Our School Aims (School Development Plan 2022-2023) - CHAIN (Community; High Standards; Assessment; Inclusion; Nursery - Y6)

1. COMMUNITY - Strong and effective links with the parent and wider educational community are developed leading to strong pupil outcomes, sharing of resources and best practice

2. HIGH STANDARDS - School aspires to ensure “excellent teaching in every classroom (Schools White Paper, 2022) with strong pedagogy and subject/curriculum knowledge

3. ASSESSMENT - New assessment system is explored and installed which accurately tracks pupil performance leading to improved progress for all groups of pupils (including those with protected characteristics), identifying needs early and targeting support for those falling behind

4. INCLUSION - Pupils with SEND are supported within lessons to develop their knowledge and understanding across the curriculum so that learning builds sequentially (Ofsted, Oct 2021)

5. NURSERY - YEAR 6 - Subject plans help teachers in different key stages to build effectively on what children have previously learnt, including a strong understanding of the early years curriculum and how each subject builds on this (Ofsted, Oct 2021)