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Our School Values. The School Values were developed with the School Council over 2015-16. Our values are: 





Our School Vision

At Brooklands Primary School everyone is valued. We work together to educate each child by developing curiosity and enthusiasm for learning through a lively, challenging and innovative curriculum.

We provide a safe and caring environment helping children to develop positive attitudes and values for themselves and others.

Our School Aims

To provide the highest possible quality of learning.

To prepare children to take up the duties and responsibilities of citizenship both as individuals and in the wider community.

To encourage self-esteem in the children and respect for the property, efforts, strengths and weaknesses of others.

To create a disciplined environment in which children may reach their full potential.

To give each pupil a curriculum entitlement that is broad, balanced and relevant, in an atmosphere conducive to learning.

With the help of parents to bring out the best in each child academically, personally and socially.

To promote the equality and respect for identity, characteristics and background of others.