At Brooklands, we use a variety of home reading scheme books such as Oxford Reading Tree, Rising Stars and Big Cat. We also supplement these with 'Real Books'. Our books are banded into the following categories:


Pink, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Orange, Turquoise, Purple, Gold, White, Lime


As there are so many bands, you may find books in different bands to be of a similar ability level. Children move through the book bands at their own pace; teachers will move children onto the next band when they are satisfied they are secure in both decoding the words and understanding the text. 

Children who have completed lime band books are considered to be 'Free Readers'. They can choose any books from an age appropriate selection.

Home reading books are changed twice per week in KS1 (Mon to Thurs). Children in KS2 change their books independently as and when they complete them. Please try to read with your child for at least 10 - 15 minutes each night and record this in their reading record. Older children may prefer to read to themselves but can still benefit from sharing a story and discussing a text with an adult. Please feel free to supplement your child's home reader with further books, magazines or comics - these offer valuable extra reading practice and can be recorded in their school reading record.

Recommended Reading Lists:

The following are a few books to get you started with reading in each year group:

The following 'Reading Roads' are useful if your child has a particular interest and get progressively more difficult in terms of reading level and content:

Reading Roads


The following books all deal with a particular issue e.g. gender stereotypes, loss, anxiety. They are recommended as books that you can share with your child:

Inclusive books


Recommended Reads by Year Group:

100 Books to Read in Year 5 and 6


N.B. All the recommended reads are generally suitable for the age ranges suggested. However, we do advise you to read all books first yourself to ensure that you are happy with the content and level of difficulty for your child.

This is a fantastic website with lots of recommended reading lists for each year group. It also has book lists linked to topics the children might be studying in school (e.g. the Romans) or areas of their own interest (e.g. animals or the Olympics). Although these are not sorted by year group or reading level, they are all linked to Amazon, where you are normally able to look inside the book.