All classes enjoy reading a book together on a regular basis; we aim to read aloud to the children every day. Here are some of the class readers that we enjoy in each year group!

Whole Class and Guided Reading


All classes from Y1 to Y6 have a weekly reading session.

In KS1 this involves working in a group to closely analyse a text before answering different types of questions about it. This enables the children to have a focused discussion about a book and to practise answering retrieval, inference, sequencing and prediction questions. We have a fantastic group of parent volunteers who support and work with guided reading groups in class.


In KS2, the children take part in Whole Class Reading Sessions, where they focus on one book for a number of weeks, on conjunction with reading extracts, poems and non-fiction texts. The book is read aloud, the children have the opportunity to read aloud and they complete paired and individual reading. The children are encouraged to participate in discussions about the book before answering retrieval, inference, vocabulary, summarising, prediction and explanation questions.

We use Reading VIPERS to ask questions about reading - these can also be used with home reading books: