Following a thorough investigation, the gas is back on and school will be open as normal tomorrow. Thank you to all the parents, staff and pupils for a calm evacuation and collection

Brooklands Bulletin - 22nd September 2023


Dear parents,

This week's Bulletin will mostly be concerning the app. Thank you for the solution focused feedback we have had about too many newsfeed posts and being unable to relocate or search for them once sent. The developers have told us it is not possible to filter, flag or search for posts, so we have:

a) reduced the number of posts sent

b) moved most of these posts from 'Newsfeed' to 'Notices' where they will stay on the noticeboard rather than getting lost further down the feed

c) disabled notifications whenever we send a notice, newsfeed post or email

We hope the visuals below are useful:



Informal notices


·         Brooklands Bulletin (with Focus on Learning attached)

·         Home Learning

·         Inclusion Newsletter

·         Secondary School Open Evenings


Reminders & Celebrations 


·    Reminder to collect children at 4:30pm from the        flagpole after Netball Club today’ (sent just to those who have signed up)

·   Y3 had a great day today exploring Roman Chester’ (sent just to Y3, with photos)


Anything requiring permission 


·         Trips

·         Visits to school

·         PG film requests


Formal letters 


·         Formal letters from the Headteacher

·         Direct message to individual parent(s), e.g. attendance         letters

·         Health updates (NHS, head lice, etc.)



If you are not interested in 'Newsfeed' posts (or other functions) you can personalise your notifications as follows:
















We are looking forward to our Class Visits on Wednesday next week (please enter/leave through the same doors that your children do at drop-off/collection). 


Monday marks the start of Black History Month and whilst we believe the achievements of those of black and ethnic minority heritage should be celebrated throughout the year (achieved through our diverse curriculum offer), this will also be the focus of our assemblies for the month.


We will have our second (and final) PTA Headteachers for the Day on Monday - good luck to Lincoln and Archie from Year 4.


Please see attached the 'Focus on Learning'. Home Learning will be sent every Friday at 3pm as a 'Notice' from today.


Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

Mr Beith 


September 22nd, 2023 / October 27th, 2023